Sub4Sub Pro – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the app work?
The app does not add or remove subs from the channels, it only helps to promote the app to more people.
The app is like a community, who sign up can add your channel or video for the app to promote to other users.
You can find other channels registered in the app according to your interests and subscribe to the ones you like.
Thus it is a network of people where each one can help another grow on YouTube.

2. Why am I not earning subscribers?
The app was made to promote channels, video and not to give subs automatically as this is prohibited by YouTube.
It works as a collaboratives system, you subscribe to channels you like, watch videos you like and people who like your channels can subscribe to them.

3. How many subscribers will I earn per day?
There is no way to know because people are free to subscribe just to the channels they want

4. Why is my channel losing subscribers?
The app does not remove subscribers from your channel, that’s not even possible!
Unfortunately, some people subscribe to the channels through the app but then unsubscribe, either because they did not like the channel or really did not want to follow the channel content anymore.
We can not prevent this, because they do that on Youtube app (or website)
The app has an integration with the YouTube system and automatically blocks when it identifies that someone did it.

5. Why my account has been banned?
The application is built for genuine YouTube players and helps grow up the youtube channel. If we detect fraudulent accounts for the purpose of increasing the number of unauthorized coin, subscribe, and view, we will permanently delete that account without notice.

6. Why does the app ask for permission to access my contacts?
The app has an integration with YouTube system and their API needs this permission to work. If you want to confirm you can search for the YouTube API documentation for Android and IOS.

7. I can not use the app because it says it has reached the daily YouTube limit
YouTube gives a limit per day for each app to use their system and the more people use the app on the day, the faster that limit runs out. And when the limit runs out, the YouTube system stops responding to the app and some actions do not work for a few hours.
In this case, you should wait for maximum a day to continue using application.

8. I can not register my channel because it says the channel was already registered in the app
This message appears when you have already registered the channel using another account or someone has already registered the channel before you.8. I can not register my channel because it says the channel was already registered in the app

9. I put the URL of my channel but the app does not find
Make sure you’re placing the original URL of your channel, not the custom URL. Must be the channel URL, not a video URL.

10. I can not subscribe to channels because it says YouTube blocked me temporarily (Error 503)
This message appears when YouTube system itself blocks your user for a few hours. Usually when you subscribe to many channels.
In this case you need to wait a few hours to a day to be able to subscribe again. If after one day, you still cannot subscribe, please change to another Youtube account.

11. Why does the app display the number of subscribers different from the number of subscribers of my channel on Youtube?
The app shows how many people have subscribed to your channel through the app, not the exact amount you have on YouTube.

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